The following publications provide a detailed description of the architecture of FLARE from both the forecasting core and cyber-infrastructure perspectives:

Thomas, R. Quinn and Figueiredo, Renato J. and Daneshmand, Vahid and Bookout, Bethany J. and Puckett, Laura K. and Carey, Cayelan C., “A Near‐Term Iterative Forecasting System Successfully Predicts Reservoir Hydrodynamics and Partitions Uncertainty in Real Time.”, Water Resources Research, 56(11), 2020. doi:

Daneshmand, Vahid and Breef-Pilz, Adrienne and Carey, Cayelan C. and Jin, Yuqi and Ku, Yun-Jung and Subratie, Kensworth C. and Thomas, R. Quinn and Figueiredo, Renato J., “Edge-to-cloud Virtualized Cyberinfrastructure for Near Real-time Water Quality Forecasting in Lakes and Reservoirs.”, 2021 IEEE 17th International Conference on eScience (eScience). doi:

Our software is distributed along the following repositories:

If you would like to learn more details about configuring and deploying FLARE, please visit the FLARE Wiki